1617 North Euclid Avenue

Saint Louis, Mo. 63113

(314) 361 - 8893

Rev. Dr. Earl. E. Nance, Jr.


Cylint Praize Mime Ministry is formed of young men who enjoy expressing their love for off God through the gifts and talents he has given them. Starting from humble beginnings in Tallahassee Florida, God has blesseln the ministry to expand to Several different chapters all over the country. In 2014, The St. Louis Youth Chapter was formed at Greater Mount Carmel Baptist Church, where Rev. Earl E. Nance, , Jr. is the Pastor. Since its formation, the youth of even Praize have not only learned Dynamics in Mime, rbut also how to let the Holy Spirit take control. Under the Direction of Rev. Allen Perkins, Cylint Praize is excited to see where God takes them, not only in the growth of the ministry, but also in the growth of each Young person individually.